WordPress Data Transfer services

Are you preparing to move your WordPress website to a new hosting company? You’re considering moving to a new server? Do you have an exciting domain and wish to transfer all your website database into it?

If that was the case, then you should be aware that the major risk when migrating to a new website lies in the possibility of data loss that may affect your search engine rankings as well as your traffic and sales. With our data transfer services at Scraping.Work you no longer have to worry about data loss.

Even if you have a large database of clients, contacts, products, or listings, with our meticulous transfer techniques, you will not lose a single piece of crucial data. Unlike many of the migration plugins you might find, our migration process is smooth and error-free.

Professional web scraping for data transfer

After years of developing leading web scraping techniques, Scraping.Work experts can employ them in our data transfer services. Our top-notch methods will scrape every single piece of data from your old website and use them to build a MySQL database that can be later imported into the new domain.

We are especially experienced in all WordPress migration techniques and we have a strict strategy that ensures the safe transfer of all your data…

1. Files backup and transfer

Before we even begin the migration process, we make sure that all your data is secure and reserved. After that, we begin by transferring your posts and blogs.

2. Database scraping

Web scraping is what we are most skilled at. Therefore, our web crawlers will not leave behind even the smallest piece of data. You can rest assured that your website will be completely transferred.

3. Moving the database

After extracting your WordPress database, we will create a new one that’s specifically optimized for the new hosting service. Then, we import that database into the new website. Needless to say that this process guarantees 0% data loss during the migration.

4. Re-engineering the new website

When the files and database are securely transferred, we reconfigure the new website and set the templates you need to run it efficiently on a new URL.